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Free Discount Rx!

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This is not insurance nor does this discount card have any cash value. Everyone is eligible for this program. There are no age or income restrictions and it’s absolutely FREE!


This card may be used at over 60,000 Pharmacies nationwide including most Major chains!


 Simply make a copy of the form below, print it and you’re all set!

(see frequently asked questions at bottom of page)


IN CARE Rx Free Prescription Discount Card

Member ID: Enter the Patients Phone Number


Rx BIN: 610568


This Card Provided To You FREE, Compliments of Ross Medical Supplies Call (502) 594-0020 if any Questions. Visit us at

This card is now active. Show it to your Pharmacist To receive Rx discounts at over 60,000 Participating Pharmacies Nationwide. Fundraisers also available.


·        This card provides discounts on most medications

·        This card is accepted at most pharmacies

·        Earn rebates on select branded items

·        This FREE card is available to anyone

·        You save between 15% and 75%

·        One card covers entire family


In care of you

To find a participating pharmacy, Please call: 1-800-286-9589

Go to and select Network/Price tools to look up medication pricing in your area. If you have any problems call 1-800-286-9589


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: How do I use this card?

A: Simply take this card and present it to any participating pharmacy for instant savings!

Q: Where do these discounts come from?

A: These discounts come from a Pharmacy Discount Network.

Q: Why is this free?

A: Due to our close relationship in the pharmaceutical Industry, we can negotiate
     lower prices on behalf of our members!

Q: Do I need to keep my card after I use the first time?

A: No. After the pharmacist has stored your card information into their system, each time    
     you return to the pharmacy your discount will automatically take place, so pass the card 
     on to a friend.

Q: Is there a maximum use of the benefits?

A: No. Unlike Insurance, utilization is encouraged because it directs traffic to participating
    provider locations. You and your family may use the benefits as many times
    as needed. There are no limitations on usage.

Q: Is there a claim form to fill?

A: No. There are no claim forms or other paperwork to file.

Q: Can I use this discount card with my deductible?

A: Provide your pharmacist with both your insurance card and this discount card and ask     
     which one will save you the most money. If you have a high deductible our card will
     reduce the cost of your prescriptions, causing you to be farther from meeting your 
     deductible. If you have any questions please contact the Help Line at 1.800.286.9589.

Q: Is there a pre-existing condition exclusion?

A: No. Unlike Insurance, discount programs do not require personnel for claims adjudication,
     nor is there a necessity for cash reserves because there is no risk.
Q: How do I locate a participating provider in the network?
 A: There are two ways  to locate participating providers, You can do an online Pharmacy
      Finder by clicking on the Pharmacy Finder/Drug Prices tab or call the Help Line at