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Allure R – HP6R

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A mid-wheel drive model with a rehab seating system incorporated provides many seat width and seat depth options
Part Number: Allure R – HP6R
ITEM SPECIFICATION WEIGHT CAPACITY 160kgs (350lbs) DRIVE WHEEL 330mm x 100mm (13″ x 4″) FRONT CASTER(WHEEL) 200mm x 50mm (8″ x 2″) REAR CASTER(ANTI-TIPPER) 155mm x 35mm (6″ x 1.375″) MAX SPEED 8KPH (5MPH) BATTERY SPECIFICATIONS 12V 50Ah x 2pcs BATTERY RANGE 40km (25miles) CHARGER TYPE 5 Amp Off Board CONTROLLER TYPE VSI 50Amp MOTOR TYPE 450W x 2pcs LENGTH 1170mm WIDE 620mm WEIGHT:W/BATTERY 101kgs (222lbs) SUSPENSION Rear Caster TURNING RADIUS 660mm (26″)

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